Getting the Real Boost My Career Needed

When I started out in the automotive field I really discovered that I had a passion for cars. I knew that I wanted to be in the automotive industry for the rest of my life. I felt like it was my calling. This was something that I not only loved to do, but that I got paid to do as well. I have been working on cars ever since I was a little kid, and actually getting to do it as my job was one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me. This is something that I have never looked back on.

When I started out in the automotive industry, I found myself in a pretty entry level mechanics job at a local garage. This was a great job to start with. I learned so much about the cars as I went along, but I realized quickly that I wasn’t really as passionate about just fixing cars as I first might have thought. There was something more that I needed to do when it came to cars. This was not going to just be something that I could do for the rest of my life.

I decided that I really wanted to work on designing and engineering the cars. This was something that I knew would require additional education. When I was working during the day, I would start to attend classes at night. I worked a lot of extra hours, and I have finally saved up enough money to pay my way through school for about a whole year. I am so committed to getting my degree and start designing cars. This is something that I have always dreamed about, but I never knew if it was actually possible. The more that I look into it, the more I am learning that this is actually something that I can do.

I enrolled in a local college here in my home state. The commute is about 30 minutes, but that is something that I am very willing to deal with. The more I think about it, the more I am excited to get my degree and actually start designing cars. This is so much more exciting than just fixing cars for the rest of my life. It is a career that I can be very proud of, and something that I can share with all of my family and friends proudly.

Happy to Be Going Back to School

back to school

Many people think it will be too hard to go back to school with a full time job. Many people talk about wanting to get a degree, but never do. This is why I have finally decided to stop talking about it, stop thinking about the reasons why it would be hard to go back to school, and just do it, finally. As they say, talk is cheap. I would much rather be telling people five years down the line that I have the career of my dreams and am getting paid what I know I deserve to get paid, than be complaining about my job and wishing I had gone back to school like I was doing for so long.

I just took a long hard look in the mirror one day and realized all the self-help books I was reading and all the nights of feeling like I was not doing anything of significance with my life were over. I knew I needed to make a change. I knew that I was not happy in my current job and with my current paycheck. I knew that some of my friends were living the life of their dreams and I felt like I was watching my life pass before my eyes. I was tired of hearing about their fantastic vacations and slaving my life away.

These and many more reasons are why I am so excited to finally be going back to school to get my degree. I just feel better telling people I am going back to school. They look at me with more respect and it feels really good. I feel really good and proud of myself.

I know it will take a great deal of work. I know I will have to be more selfish with my time. I may not be able to have much of a social life while I am in school, but I know it will be all worth it in the long run. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks. Having to watch every penny I spend is no way to live. Barely making ends meet is not the way I want to spending my life. I want to better my life. I want to have savings in my bank account. I want to be able to afford the finer things in life. With a degree I know all this will be possible!

My Culinary Degree

My Culinary Degree

I’ve always been madly in love with food. I love how food smells and tastes. I love the aroma of freshly baked bread, the feel on the tongue of a great piece of beef, the soft ripeness of a peach that has just been picked. I also love how cooks can take ordinary ingredients and transform them into something that is tasty and delicious. When I was a child, I would watch my grandma Lena use her deft hands to turn plain eggs and flour into the most artistic pasta. I would observe how she shaped the pasta and then filled it with all kinds of wonderful cheeses, meats and spices that she had just plucked from her carefully tended backyard.

As I grew up, I began to have the marvelous realization that I could use the skills I had learned from my grandma to have a career. My school counselor interviewed me as we were in our senior year. She asked me about my greatest passion in life. It was at that moment that it struck me that I loved to make food for myself and for other people. As she listened to my tales of making homemade chicken soup, roast lamb with garlic and chocolate cake from scratch, she began to smile. She pulled out a few brochures and showed me the kind of culinary programs that I could take to get a formal education to match the one my grandmother had given me for so many years.

I was able to quickly pick out which school was right for my needs. I wanted a college that was respected and offered a rigorous program with an emphasis on education in other fields such as writing and the sciences as well as one that would help me sharpen my skills with knives and understanding of how to bake bread better. The program I settled on also allowed to learn as much as I could about all aspects of the culinary world including how to run a restaurant, food safety procedures and how to estimate food costs for any dish I planned. I was pleased to discover that the school would show me how I could take my love of creating meals and do almost anything I wanted with it after graduation. I could start a catering business, open up a restaurant, work as a sous chef or even teach.

The Moment I Learned About Scholarships


College seemed unbelievably hard to reach when I was first considering the prospect. I did not know how it was that people seemed to be able to afford an education. The costs continued to skyrocket each year, and there was no end in sight. Then I learned about the power of scholarships.

In brief, scholarships are basically free money given to a person to help them pay for their education. They are awarded to promising students who have shown their ability to be good scholars and help make the school look good. They are not handed out to just anyone, but they do provide a way into college for many students who would otherwise be unable to afford such things.

There are plenty of reasons to look into scholarships. For one thing, they provide an inroad to an education that would likely be unavailable otherwise. Secondly, many of these do not have to be paid back. That is different from the options that I was seeing in the student loan arena. All of those student loans would have to be paid back, but the scholarships do not come with those strings attached. I know that this alone was something that pushed me into looking at scholarships more closely.

I had done pretty well in school during my time, and I was not worried about getting into schools. The problem was just paying for them. I knew that I would have to start applying for and hopefully receiving scholarships if I was ever going to make this work. Fortunately for me, I found that there were scholarships even in my local area that made sense for me. These were awards being offered to people who were wanting to study the kinds of things that I was interested in learning more about. It was a way to get your foot in the door that would be greatly beneficial to me. I started applying right away.

When it was all said and done, I had applied for many scholarships. There were some that I was turned down for, but I found that there were many which were available for the taking. I snapped them up quickly and did not regret it. It was a pleasure to know that I was going to go to school without so much of the burden that would have otherwise existed for me. I hope that others will follow in my footsteps and seek out scholarships.